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About TCI

About TCI
"People typically get promoted based on technical competence, not interpersonal acumen. Yet, at some point in their career, no matter how high up they rise, if they don't acquire the interpersonal wisdom, they will derail."
As a coach and consultant, Teddy Tannenbaum specializes in executive development and building high performance teams. Teddy’s leadership approach is based on the premise that the most successful leaders are the ones who are most self-aware; that an accurate self-awareness supports more conscious choice leading to better results. In Teddy’s work with teams he helps to foster an environment of trust allowing team members to move through the challenges all teams will inevitably face and set the stage for true commitment and accountability.

Teddy has spent more than 25 years consulting for and working in leading edge corporations and organizations. Prior to that, studying history and diplomacy in Washington, D.C., he spent over a dozen years in the non-profit sector, living in spiritual communities, doing community service, and promoting the practice of inner consciousness. As a result of this concentrated pursuit of self-awareness, he demonstrates an understanding of life that generates a distinguished ability to communicate and build rapport. He also loves the game of baseball and often uses its playing field to make a point.

“Life often seems complex, while baseball, on the other hand operates with a set of defined rules and realities. In that way, ‘life imitates the game’. Indeed, games and sport may have been created because they provide us a closed set of parameters with which to model our everyday experiences.”

Teddy’s Coach’s Playbook is designed to get the players to learn and develop the necessary skills to perform at their bone fide best.

Teddy's client list includes executives at Whole Foods Market, Nike/Hurley, NPR, The Walt Disney Company, The Gap, G.E., and Republic Services, as well as an assortment of smaller ventures and early stage companies in the new media, medical and financial arenas.
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Teddy is the president of The Achievable Foundation, a community non-profit organization that provides access to health care for people with developmental disabilities. In addition to his time and expertise, Teddy donates a portion of his revenue to Achievable.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son and on most Sundays, he may be seen trying to hit line drives up the middle for his team in Dodgertown West.