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Dynamic Team Building

Dynamic Team Building
1927 New York Yankees
"Gettin' good players is easy. Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part."
- Casey Stengel
Teamwork is as popular in theory, as it is rare in practice. Many a so-called "team" is simply a group of people who report to the same person. Often, members lack the understanding and skills to function as a team to achieve desired results.

Dynamic Team Building is an ongoing process that gets people in sync and develops requisite skills to solve problems, manage conflict, and make productive decisions.

THE FOUNDATION Initial sessions include simulations and exercises that let participants shed their usual business role, assess their strengths and limitations, and explore new ways to interact. Ongoing sessions reinforce the team dynamic and deal with real-world business challenges.

THE FOCUS To develop a team that functions at its best to achieve desired results:
  1. Sets clearly-defined goals and uses those objectives as a "litmus" to measure success
  2. Recognizes the functional interdependence of team members and appreciates that synergy
  3. Sets high standards of performance for the team (instead of responding to pressure from above), and knows it is accountable within a larger context
  4. Provides a safe space for feedback and open expression of ideas
  5. Fosters creativity and innovation
  6. Completes tasks and solves problems