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Executive Coaching and Development

Executive Coaching and Development
Casey Stengel
"The task of a leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been."
-Henry Kissinger
Executive Coaching helps leaders build on their already established, substantial strengths, and uncover additional opportunities for growth. The challenges executives must face to create successful working relationships are unique to each situation.

We begin by establishing a baseline using Harrison Assessments to determine the primary opportunities. A program is then custom-designed to incorporate milestones and to evaluate progress.

  1. As a sounding board and strategic thinking partner for a CEO or senior executive
  2. As a performance coach for senior executives who are under pressure to correct deficiencies - for example: a technically competent manager who is unable to lead or get along with others
  3. As a development coach for fast trackers and high-potential performers whose promotions may have outpaced their chance to acquire necessary management skills
The coaching is designed to generate self-awareness and behavioral changes. First the coach establishes rapport and builds trust. The feedback that follows is both frank and diplomatic, allowing the client to hear and understand it from both a professional—and personal—perspective. In the final phase of coaching, the client learns the skills needed to integrate that feedback and achieve desired goals.