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I've Been Around


I’ve been hit, and hit hard;

I’ve been booted, bobbled, dropped, and kicked

I’ve been tossed, lobbed, dribbled, dragged, and squeezed

I’ve been thrown, thrown away, thrown in the stands, thrown out of the stands;

I’ve been punched, flared, ripped, tatooed,

I’ve been chopped, slapped, stung, and nailed

I’ve been smacked, smacked foul; scuffed, scratched, smeared, stained, and spit on;

I weigh @ 5 oz soaking wet, but that’s not allowed anymore;

I’ve been lost, found, thrown around,

I’ve been glared at, growled at, sneered at, snarled at; stepped on, stepped over,

I’ve been cradled, coddled, massaged, and loved.

I’ve been dreamed about forever.