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Executive Coaching and Development

Create successful working relationships unique to each situation

Executive Coaching helps leaders build on their already established, substantial strengths, and uncover additional opportunities for growth. The challenges executives must face to create successful working relationships are unique to each situation. Therefore, the development plan they craft will be unique to them.

Teddy Tannenbaum
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The Focus

“Gettin’ good players is easy. Gettin’ ’em to play together is the hard part.”

    -Casey Stengel


    Teddy’s Playbook:


    We all operate along a kinetic chain where our long held beliefs travel through the litmus of our “line in the sand” values and ultimately show up as our day to day behaviors. If you want to change a behavior you must first change the belief that created that behavior


    “To look is one thing.
    To see what you look at it is another.
    To understand what you see is a third.
    To learn from what you understand is still something else.
    But to act on what you learn is all that really matters.”

    High performance teams have a bias towards action and they act based on what they continually learn

    Executive Presence and Presentation

    When you look in the mirror you see a “mirror” image of yourself. When you watch yourself on video you see and hear what you look and sound like to others. The learning comes quickly

    Effective Meeting Design and Facilitation

    The number one reason
    off-sites fail is an overzealous agenda. The number one reason they succeed is because of the creation of a safe environment. It fosters the most honest conversations about who we are, what we’re trying to do, and how we will behave with each other on the path to success


    “The thing that is so great about Teddy is that it is clear he is following his passion in helping people to develop their leadership skills. Teddy has helped me and several leaders at Whole Foods Market with their growth and development and I recommend him enthusiastically.”

    Walter Robb, Former Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market President